Cocktail Time!

Since getting a load of booze and kit for Christmas, we've become a bit crazy about cocktails. They're easier than you think and will liven up any Saturday night in (or weeknight for that matter). My successes and disasters will appear here. Give them a try.

Getting started

You don't have to get all the equipment, but if you want to make this a regular habit, I'd advise it. At the very least buy a cocktail shaker, a measure and have the ability to make ice. We have silicon ice cube trays, but I also fill up small freezer bags with water, ready to bash with my rolling pin for crushed ice.

Fresh and tasty


One of my regular favourites and easy to make. Sweet, tangy, very refreshing over lots of ice. A short drink for sipping.

Makes 2 drinks

2 limes - sliced
2 tablespoons of honey (we always use clear)
2 teaspoons caster sugar
Crushed ice
4 measures of vodka

Put the lime slices, honey and sugar in 2 glasses and mix together. Add some crushed ice and pour over the vodka.