Sunday, 12 February 2012

The Gallery - A Family Story

I don't have enough pictures of the Davies clan. So on a rare holiday together last year to celebrate my Dad's retirement, we set one up.

But it was hot, I was in a rush and I didn't pay attention to detail as I usually would.

The boys wanted to be in the pool, the baby wanted to be out of the sun, everyone else wanted a cold beer. I forced them all to grab a child and STAND STILL just for a minute.

Ready? Set the timer, run to camera, press button, run back into position. Done.

This is the result.

My perfect family photo isn't quite so perfect because:

  • It's mainly floor
  • I was wearing my skirt hitched up to my neck as a dress
  • None of us have the right child
  • The baby can't see
  • One boy has a pair of shorts on his head
  • My poor boy has nothing on his bottom (modesty protected with yellow paint *ahem*)
  • My brother appears to be busking
On the plus side, we're all in it, we're all smiling and it was a bloody good holiday. And this photo really makes me laugh.

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