Wednesday, 18 April 2012

Gather with your females

When faced with extreme stress, apparently women like to ‘tend and befriend’
This is because when under stress we release a hormone that arouses our nurturing instinct, which in turn ‘encourages us to gather with other females’.
I read this today and it made me laugh out loud. The thought that a moment of stress (usually an annoying email) sends a hormone surge through my body, forces me up and out of my office chair, walking hands in front of me,  zombie like towards the nearest gathering of females. Where I’ll gabble inanely until the hormone rush is satisfied and I can return to my work.
It turns out that the more we nurture and join with our friends, the calmer we become. Common sense really. A phone call, a coffee or a long walk with a female friend is all I need.  Moan over, smile back on, normality resumes. And it’s scientifically proven to work.
My husband prefers to use bad words and kick things. But that’s life.