Saturday, 17 November 2012

About that 20 minute warning...

Dear Husband
We need to talk about leaving the house and that 20 minute warning.
Nothing annoys me more in this world than when, after an hour sprawled in front of Breakfast TV drinking coffee, you announce that we’re leaving in 20 minutes.
Then……in 20 minutes, when you’ve showered, dressed and packed your one bag – you start shouting at me, “COME ON! AREN’T YOU READY YET? WE’RE LEAVING!” then under your breath “bloody woman, she takes hours to go anywhere.”
You see, your argument is based on how long it takes YOU to get ready.
Just You. With hardly any hair (no drying), hardly any packing (one pair of pants for 5 days), and absolutely no one to look after whilst you’re doing it.
In the 20 minutes you’ve kindly allocated me to get out of the door, I am:
·         Having a shower
·         Wiping a child’s bottom
·         Getting back in the shower
·         Breaking up a fight
·         Giving up on the shower
·         Standing on lego (allow 1 minute for pain to pass)
·         Clearing up lego
·         Washing up breakfast dishes
·         Losing my towel
·         Answering the door to the postman
·         Remembering I lost the towel….Hello Postman ;)
·         Putting my underwear on
·         Retrieving my pants from a child’s head
·         Throwing my clothes into a suitcase
·         Throwing clothes for two kids into a suitcase
·         Putting the rest of my clothes on
·         Setting my hair on fire with the straighteners
·         Setting my towel on fire with the straighteners (oh, there it is!)
·         Breaking up another fight
AND I didn’t even get chance to check Facebook.
So next time you shout “20 minutes and we’re leaving”, I’ll grab my one bag and I’ll see you in the car.
Love you,
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