Friday, 8 March 2013

My West Wing hero - International Women's Day

Female role models, do you have any?
I’m going to celebrate International Women’s Day by writing down my female heroes, as they stand, right now.
Because role models change as we change. As you have new priorities in your life, so your outlook shifts, you turn your head in a different direction and there they are - new role models you never knew existed before.
I do wonder what role models say about us. Are they out-of-reach aspirational? Or real people sitting in the office next door, willing to help and mentor whenever you need it? Or entirely fictional, coming to life from the TV or pages of a book, into your subconscious and commenting silently on every decision you make?  
Mine are mainly real and are mostly journalists. I take a little bit of something from all the role models I have, I don't necessarily want to be them, there's just something about what they do, who they are and how they approach life as a woman that appeals to me.
Anyway. On this day of celebrating all things female here's my list - I have more who are close to me, but I'll keep those to myself.

CJ Cregg

(I’ve even provided links).
Eleanor Oldroyd – Broadcaster of 5Live fame. (I’ve worshipped her almost as long as I’ve stalked Bryan Robson)
Ann Leslie – Foreign Correspondent
CJ Cregg – character from the West Wing
Sue Davie - Chief Executive Meningitis Trust
*New entry* Fleet Street Fox – Tabloid journalist and proud
And here's an Oxfam link for good luck :)