Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Bring in the meningitis b vaccine

More than a year ago a vaccine against meningitis B was licensed for use in the UK. Licensed but not brought in – unless you can afford hundreds of pounds to pay for it privately.
The vaccination committee that advises the government has been considering whether (or not) this jab should be part of the immunisation schedule. That would mean it’s given to every baby, as part of your routine jabs, for free on the NHS.
Adding another vaccine to the schedule isn’t an easy decision to make. Spending millions and millions of pounds in a time of cuts isn’t easy either. But protecting every baby in the UK against a disease that kills – on average - two children every week, seems like a no brainer.

Because if a disease is preventable, surely we’d want to prevent it?

Meningitis is the disease parents fear most because it’s so hard to diagnose and can take a child’s (or adult’s) life in just a few hours. There are many causes of meningitis and in the last 20 years vaccines have reduced cases dramatically. But in the UK meningitis still kills more under 5s than any other infectious disease.
As a mum, I want to protect my children in any way I can.

I don’t want to feel that fear and dread every time my child hides away from bright lights, complains of a stiff neck, or worse still, has a rash that looks out of the ordinary.
I don’t want to be that parent telling the tragic tale of how my child was taken from me in hours.
I don’t want to live in fear of a disease that I know can be prevented.
That’s why I’m joining Meningitis Now’s campaign to bring in the meningitis B vaccine. A campaign that’s going direct to the top. The decision is with the Health Secretary now.

Jeremy Hunt, it’s over to you.
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"@Jeremy_Hunt Bring in the Meningitis B vaccine on the NHS. Don't put cost before children's lives. http://www.meningitisnow.org/beat-it-now/ "

More information  the Meningitis Now campaign