Tuesday, 12 June 2012

To the Bride.....Iechyd da!

What makes a good hen weekend?

The bride-to-be having one last fling? The bridesmaids falling down drunk? Someone going missing and turning up in a strange man's bed the next day?

Or tacky pink barbie dresses, matching outfits, veils and L plates? It's all about broken heels, broken windows and broken feelings.


Laughter makes a good hen weekend. Hours and hours of sometimes sober, sometimes wine fuelled, belly-aching, side-splitting laughter.

Low sugar, lack of sleep, hangover headache induced laughter. Laughing at things that no one else will find funny. Laughing at things you hoped you'd forgotten.

And laughing everytime you see someone who shared it too.

Now THAT's what makes a good hen weekend. And I've just been on one.

Not a prison cell or broken relationship in sight (just a lot of unused darker than dark fake tan and some unfinished dares).

TOWIE - thanks for the memories.