Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Book giveaway - one night only (for now)

I'm giving some books away, free. This is because I'm not a hoarder, when I've finished with books I pass most of them on.
I don’t have the space for thousands of books and I’m not a big fan of dusting. I keep only the books that really mean something to me, or can be used as reference in the future.
What makes me happiest is forcing the books I’ve enjoyed, on other people. :)
I’m getting bored of my usual routes (I can’t even leave them on the bus anymore as I no longer commute). So I thought I’d give some away to my blog readers – that’s if I’ve got any left, it’s been a while…..
Anyway, the four previously loved books I’m giving away have been lurking, hidden on a book shelf for quite some time. They are:
1. Audrey Niffenegger – Her Fearful Symmetry
(Atmospheric story of silly American twins, ghosts and the beautiful Highgate Cemetery)
2. Peter Carey – Parrot & Olivier in America
(Eccentric adventures in the new world, lots of humour and a bit of history)
3. Andrea Levy – The Long Song
(Slavery and freedom in Jamaica. Great central characters as always and lovely sing-song language)
4. Ian McKewan – Enduring Love
(This book haunted me in my 20s and started my obsession with McEwan. All based around a balloon accident)
To get hold of one of these books, leave a comment below, including the name of the book you want.  I’ll post to UK ONLY and I’ll get my children to randomly select the recipients.  
The giveaway closes tomorrow night (Thursday) at midnight. Any comments posted after that time won’t count.
If you love books, pass them on.