Monday, 2 January 2012

My year in blogs 2011

It’s not been a bad year for blogging. I blog here, I’ve been lucky enough to blog on In the Powder Room and I’ve also had the odd guest post on We Love Local Gov .
Here are some UleyGirl highlights. Or if you don't like mine, then go to one of my recommended blog list on the right.... must be something good there surely??
By far my favourite post of the year wasn’t written by me at all, it was a guest post from my cousin about falling over. Written from the heart, about a comedy moment just after the death of her father, a lovely lovely man who died far too young. Luckily he left behind five crazy daughters and a crazy wife. Read her tuck-and-roll story here.
The conversation I had with my husband about what to do if we get burgled still makes me laugh out loud.
Most ‘me-too’
Everyone seemed to be able to relate to this, which makes me wonder how anyone can ever be famous?
I should be on Dragon’s Den and it’s still the most useful item in my wardrobe…. The Ladybib
But the two posts about my family got the best response. If you haven’t met her, read about my 84 year old gran Peggy Patch here.
And if you want to know how a 5 year old (and his Mum) deal with epilepsy, this is my take.
Oh, and here's that Jake Gyllenhaal picture again :)
That’s all folks, here’s to 2012.